Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weapon of mass deliciousness??

and tadaaa!! Masterchef Australia, Season III will start ruling dinner time at home yet again. I for one, am not shy to admit that this is the only reality Television series i look forward to watching. :D. heck, i am even catching sneak previews of it online! George, Gary and Matt (ahem, ahem...){WHAT?? you can't but not notice his turquoise silk pants, polka dotted scarf and lingo!! :P} are coming back and i can't wait to check out their snazzy dishes, take in their uber cool gizmos (have u seen their food processor???), try their recipes (their recipe for mashed potatoes was the coolest ever!) and root for my fav contestant (yep, Jono the Eliminator was my fav last season with Skye being a close second because of her way with desserts). So yes, if we dont pick calls from 9 to 10 pm on weekdays Aug onwards, you know what we are upto.

So this week is going to be a tribute to everything comforting and chocolatey in the crazy scheme of things that is life, the Snickers Brownie.

Snickers is my absolute favorite bar of chocolate. Snickers on a crazy day makes me want to cuss lesser and take more deep breaths. Snickers on a a happy day reminds me of happy thoughts and people i have shared a bar with. Snickers transports me to my happy place. and is'nt it cool to be able to do that without having to go and splurge on retail therapy or counseling or the spa? Yes, i am low maintenance that way and proud to be so! :)

This is the first brownie i ever baked and has remained a fav since. It is quick, fuss-free and failure proof. Need i brag more? Plus, since the basics remain the same, it is the same recipe as the one that i followed here:

-In addition to the ingredients mentioned there with the exception of the Dulce de Leche, you will need 5 packs of fun sized snickers bars. Chop the same and keep aside.
-Once you have the brownie mix ready, scrape half the mix into the foil lined baking tray.
-Add a layer of snickers (three quarters of what you chopped) and spread it just to make sure you get a bite of caramel-peanutty-nougatty goodness every couple of bites.
-Add the last layer of the brownie mix and top it off with the last pieces of snickers.

-Pop into the oven and bake for 30 to 35 min at 160 deg C or till the center feels soft to touch but has not set fully entirely. It will set on cooling and taste yummo! My ear to ear grin is proof.

P.S: Do not hesitate to add a couple of tablespoons of skinned, roasted and chopped peanuts along with the snickers to the brownie mix if you want knock in a more nutty punch.

P.P.S: Tony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson are making appearances this season at Masterchef apparently! Woohoo!!


  1. We are fans of MC USA.. going to download MC Aus today :)

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