Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stracciatella Gelato

So the rate at which i am modestly churning and we are unabashedly polishing off gelatos, we are giving the local ice cream guys serious business trouble. honestly. Mr Arun Ice cream, Mr Baskin Robbins and Mr Mövenpick, i mean no ill. I am just a budding gelatier (i hope that' a word!) and i luuuve gelatos. Especially the ones i make. Ooh also, it helps greatly that the people around me encourage me by finishing off the gelato boxes in the freezer compartment. I take it as a 'let' make more!' cue. Can u blame me?

The next in the series is the Stracciatella. Have you tried the Mövenpick version of Stracciatelli? Non stick is an ardent fan. That is reason enough for me to try it. and quite easy it was. Just follow the Vanilla ice cream recipe here and pipe melted dark chocolate after the last time you blend the gelato. You will notice that the chocolate sets as soon as you drizzle it because of temperature of the ice cream and that's simply how amazing chocolate is! Break the chocolate strands into bits with a fork so that you get chocolate shards in every mouthful. As can be expected, i freaked out a bit and drizzled quite a bit of chocolate.

Let the gelato set and viola! you are good to make your gelato and eat it too!


  1. Make away..cant wait to put you and Alex together in the same kitchen.

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