Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Of fresh blueberries, Ice cream waffle cones, Fish curries and much more!

A peek at some of the awesomeness happening in the kitchen chez Zachs. i'm neck, nose and nasty deep in work and other travails, but i'll be back with recipes and stuff about each of these pictures, i promise! Till then, keep it real, keep it fun! :D

i chanced upon fresh, and i repeat, FRESH blueberries! and boy, was i excited. For the uninitiated, fresh blueberries are the stuff my baking dreams are made of. Unfortunately, you do not get to buy them here in Chennai. So when i saw a pack in Bangalore couple of weeks back, it was a good moment for me. Of course, my husband may have given the 'i-dont-know-this-crazy' look to the helpers at the store, but i didn't care! Not when i was holding my prized blueberries in hand.

Another of the food dreams came true (!!!!!): Thanks to my awesome mother in law, i am now the proud owner of (drum roll please) a Chef's Choice Waffle Cone Maker!! Ooooh, the possibilities!!!!! 

P.S: No, we are not eating everything off a waffle cone bowl now. At least not our dosais and rotis! ;)

 Amidst all this mayhem, my mother was in town. That implies unabashed pampering and the comfort of having her around. It implies an indescribably good feeling that comes when she is with us. It also implied one of her very popular and delish meenu curries.
P.P.S: i am not ashamed to say she had to make it twice in the span of a week for us brats. ok, maybe a wee bit.

So, there you go, life is good, and we are thankful! 



  1. am drooling over this fish curry. and cooking with bloueberrries is my dream too.

  2. Drooling!!!! And fresh blueberries!!! girl m super jealous now!

  3. yummy clicks..will come back for that fish curry recipe..it looks so delicious..lucky u..so u can eat cone icecream every day :)

  4. Meenu curry looks irresistible...Loved ur space and many recipes here...

  5. I'm just drooling here looking at the meen curry !!! Thanks for visiting my space and leaving your wonderful comments. Happy to follow you !!

  6. tempting indeed...mouthwatering dish & the clicks!

  7. Meen curry looks do delicious..love the colour..
    Beautiful clicks !

  8. Fresh blueberries and waffle cone maker awesome stuff...

  9. I am new around your blog :) and I love it..
    I am your new happy follower :D

  10. yummily written george :) awesome!

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