Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stix, The Hyatt Regency - Restaurant Review

All of you have heard of or seen the swanky looking Hyatt on Anna Salai right? One of the new kids on the block in the recent spew of five star hotels cropping up on the Chennai map, the Hyatt Regency in Chennai does justice to the style that is as Hyatt. Decked up with art work from artists from all over the world, the décor makes your jaws drop. In a word, it is quirky.
They have specialty restaurants spreading out from the fifth floor lobby and a word of mention: these restaurants have been grabbing eyes, news headlines and awards since it started in Chennai last year. And so, being the Chinese food junkie that nonstick really is, we found ourselves in Stix one Saturday afternoon.
Stix prides itself in offering Chinese cuisine from the Sichuan region. They boast of an open show kitchen and their interactive and sophisticated nature. True to their word, it is a relaxed and fuss free setting overlooking their lush lawns and in a corner, you also get a glimpse of their swimming pool! Not a very appetizing sight if there are swimmers catching their laps or sunning themselves on the decks.

We skipped the jasmine tea that they serve when you seat yourselves. The menus were handed over and being the ardent MCC-ians that we are, momos/dumplings are practically part of our gene pool right now. With me still being off poultry meat, we decided to walk the middle path by going for the prawn dumplings. We had to wait a while before we got our order, and the momos were disappointing: They were a mere 4 in number with the outer coating very thick and not cooked all the way through. The filling was not the best and they also did not serve it with the classic red sauce. 
For the main course, we ordered a Stir Fry Fish, a Pork Stir Fry and a bowl of egg noodles. Again, portions wise, just passable. There was an interesting element of black beans in both the stir fry dishes which lent a unique flavor to the dish overall but which i would not wholeheartedly eat again.

We decided to head to Biscotti, the hotel’s gourmet deli shop located in the lobby level for dessert. Done up with over sized glass jars brimming with various flavors of biscotti and an amazing array of deserts, biscotti is indeed a treat for the eyes. It offers pastries, rainbow hued macarons, tarts and freshly baked bread, a selection of expensive cheese and exotic meats. We tried the Mud cake and a raspberry jelly with pistachio concoction. The mud cake was heavy on the chocolate, just the way i like it, but i would have liked it much better if it were moist in texture. The raspberry jelly with pistachio was a unique blend of flavors and textures: something between a thickened jelly and a thin layer of cake.

On the whole, it was a good experience because we got a taste of posh Hyatt in Singara Chennai - the feel really is remarkable. I would try the Spice Market next, their restaurant serving Indian fare and Focaccia, the Italian fine dining joint. Oooh, also, i hear their Sunday brunch is fabulous. SO much to do and such little time, but that's one of the joys of life, right?! :)

Ambiance: 8/10
Taste: 6/10
Portions: 5/10
Price: 7/10


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