Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pictures speak louder than words...!

Nonstick and i are off to Turkey tonight on a highly deserved, majorly anticipated, muchly looked forward to, way overdue holiday. It has been a whirlwind on the work front, home front and the life-lived-otherwise front, to say the least. So we believe we deserve a pat on our backs in the form of this little getaway and hope to have many adventures in this beautiful country. I intend to veg out on baklava, kebabs and dolmas, trip on Turkish ceramics (yes, non stick is rolling his eyes-he knows his wife way too well, he thinks i may pass out from all the excitement of seeing so many knick knacks) and time travel with all the beautiful heritage Turkey has to offer.  Till then, i leave you with stuff we have done over time, but were too lazy to write about or everyday stuff that just have not made its way into a post yet. Hasta la Vista, baby!


  1. Love the pictures... Hope you guys have a great time... Looking forward to seeing pics, blogs.. My princess wears her tiara like she knows what it is! hehehhe

  2. Awesome!! Hope you guys have a blast! And may there still money in your pockets after the trip!! LOL

  3. Have a great trip and come back with wonderful memories, pictures and new recipes.

    Joy always,

  4. Gorgeous pictures! You really should post all those recipes once you get back from your world travels!!!

    Speaking of which - ugh! I was going to text you to say 'Bon Voyage!' before you left, and it completely slipped my mind! Hope you are having a blast!!! Can't wait to read about your trip, and of course see some gorgeous pictures, when you're back! Safe travels!

    P.S. - LOVE the pictures of Oreo!

  5. Hope you are having a great time in Turkey ! Lovely pictures and I hope you will change your mind and post some of these recipes :-)

  6. LOL!! Thanks guys, the pics are, well, thank you! :D
    Mummy: yes, she knows!
    Deepa: haha! i hope too! else its maggi noodles for a month (one of my least fav things btw!). lol!
    Susie: Thanks Susie! Hugs! am learning new stuff here, and so looking forward to experimenting back home!
    The Harried Cook: Aww!! That's cool! thanks for the thought though! :) as for the Oreo pics, u know how she's treated by us, so...! :)
    Namitha: Hey Namitha! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :) i love your blog! :)

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