Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pork Vindaloo with saffron scented Pilaf and Mediterranean salad

As that burst of color hits your eyes, here's a crazy thought (okay, crazy, but real): We like to mix up our food. in a fun way. not the strange ''ice cream+pickle = yum'' way (i was not making that up by the way. i totally know folks who do that, and i love that quirkiness). We, on the other hand, love mixing up cuisines, other odd ends, and improv-s. So in that line of thought, this was a meal that was waiting to happen: Saffron scented pilaf, pork vindaloo and a sumac salad. It was a wholesome, rounded and very happy meal. You can bet it tasted awesome.

Let's begin with the vindaloo. You will need:

-1 kg Pork with fat
-Whole Red chilis - 8
-Clove - 6
-Cinnamon -1 stick
-Cardamom - 1 pod
-Peppercorns - 2 tablespoons
-Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
-Ginger - 3 inches
-Garlic - 3 pods
-Chili Powder - 3 tablespoons
-Vinegar - 6 tablespoons
-Onion - 2 big
-Potatoes cubed - 2 big

We'll start with the Masala Paste for the Pork Vindaloo:
-Grind the chillis, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorns into a fine powder. Grind the ginger and garlic to a fine paste. Mix the powder and paste, along with the turmeric powder and 3 tablespoons of vinegar.

-Add this masala paste to the pork and marinate for at least an hour or maximum upto 3 hours in the refrigerator.

-Grind the onions to a paste and add it to the marinated pork just before throwing the entire mixture into the pressure cooker.

-Leave the meat to cook along with the potatoes for 5-6 whistles (40 mins on low flame).
Our suggestion would be to add just half a cup of water (cause there is a lot that would come off the meat) and definitely no oil. 

In the meanwhile, let's get started with the Pilaf

-2 cups Basmati rice
-15 g butter
-2 pods cardamom (bruised)
-3/4 teaspoon Saffron
-Lemon juice from one lemon
-2 cups Chicken stock
-2 cups water
-4 tablespoons toasted Pistachios, slivered - for garnishing (optional)
-Coriander leaves - for garnishing (optional)

Soak the rice in a cup of water for twenty minutes. In a heavy bottomed large pan, melt the butter and add the cardamom pods. Tip in the rice (as best drained of the water as possible) and stir it till it is coated with the butter thoroughly. Add the chicken stock, water and saffron. Squeeze in the lemon juice and bring the stock to a boil. Shut it tightly and leave it to cook for 15-20 minutes - the water will have evaporated and the rice will be cooked through. Be careful and do not overcook the rice, take it off the flame when borderline just-cooked and the residual heat will work its magic.
Once cooled, toss in the slivered pistachio.

Last, but certainly not the least, we'll be putting together the Mediterranean Salad:
-2 large Tomatoes
-1 cucumber
-2 tablespoons toasted pistachios, halved
-1 teaspoon sumac
-Coriander leaves to garnish
-Salt to taste

Chop up the tomatoes and cucumber evenly. Toss in the pistachios and sprinkle the sumac and salt. Toss it!  Garnish with coriander leaves and serve as a side to the vindaloo and the pilaf.

Oh, and don't forget about the Chennai Food Guide anniv celebrations this Saturday! There's so much of prep and hardwork going into it, it's amazing. and i bet it's going to fabulous! So everyone, you know where to head to this Saturday at 7 pm if you are in Chennai - See ya there!


  1. Yumm! That's such an unusual combo

  2. Mouthwatering..the color and the gravy looks superb,yum

  3. ok first of all im nervous for you (i think ive already freaked you out). I was so nervous before my mac attack that I almost didnt want to do it. But from those who have done it say, its just that first time thats a problem and after that its easy. I wouldnt know, because I chickened out after that first attempt.
    Ok so before you start read that cake bible i mention in my blog (from tartelette's blog), its very detailed and just follow it blindly, procedure wise. Second, try with a basic recipe without any fancy flavours so that you wont feel too bad if it doesnt come out well (god forbid).
    The ground almonds need to be super fine, which means sieving it again and again. From what i hear if its not fine enough it causes an irregular surface.
    I am not sure about the humidity- egg white maturing situation, but im sure it does because deeba of passionate about baking keeps talking about how humidity has affected her mac feet. So i suppose you are right.
    Well, at the end of it all, big deal if it doesnt work out, you can still crumble it, crush it put it over cakes, ice creams etc etc. I ahd all this in mind if my macs hadnt turned out well.
    Good luck kajal..and yes do buzz me if you need help with anything, because I did bug quite a few mac queens out there when i was doing it for the first time. If i dont have the answer, i shall ask arnd and let you know. Goooooooood luck :)

  4. omg that was such a freakishly long comment, i should have just fb'ed you :O
    On another note, I have bookmarked the pork vindaloo, the pic just made me drooool and i cant wait to try it.

  5. This totally looks delicious...Loved the color of the gravy...Hey and Thanks dear..:)

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