Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chocolate Chantilly a.k.a the Best Chocolate Mousse!

I stumbled upon something brilliant and i had to share it with you! Would you believe me if i said, you can make the lightest, the most delish chocolate mousse in under five minutes with just 2 ingredients?  Yes, i kid you not, this is the ultimate - Chocolate Chantilly! Brought into the world by Monsieur Hervé This and popularized by Mr Heston Blumenthal (oh, how i love these gentlemen now!), the Chocolate Chantilly is pure science combined with the love of chocolate-we fiddle around with molecular gastronomy to make the perfect mousse!

We all know how chocolate and water are not good together, how it will make the chocolate seize, grainy etc. Park that thought.
In this case, extremely good chocolate is combined with water, melted, then cooled and whisked over ice cubes to make this soft, dreamy mousse that can go with practically everything! That's it! no lengthy procedures, no fine print! If you are in  a rush to make dessert for guests, this is the answer. If you want a chocolatey something to go along with one of your desserts, THIS is the answer! 
Since the recipe uses only chocolate for the most part, it is absolutely important you use the best, the best chocolate you can lay your hands on. Seeing as the ingredients are only chocolate and water, it is important that you slip into a world of  quality chocolate. I had a pack of Scharffen Berger 62% and they were more than perfect for the occasion :)
P.S: Stay tuned for a brilliant dessert where this mousse shines as the perfect accompaniment! :)

Recipe adapted from here (since it is just the two of us, i quartered it and it worked wonders)

-66.25 g of the best chocolate
-1/4 cup water
-1 teaspoon Gianduia
-1 tablespoon castor sugar (optional)

-Fill a bowl with ice cold water and ice cubes, place a smaller bowl over the ice cubes and keep in the freezer till called for.

-Combine the chocolate, water and Gianduia or any other liqueur (Grand Mariner, Baileys etc) that you are using. Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Once melted, take the bowl with ice from the freezer and pour the melted into the bowl over the ice cubes. Using a balloon whisk or a hand blender, whisk it up till it thickens and becomes ribbony. Keep an eye on the texture of the chocolate and make sure it does not get grainy. If it does get grainy, just melt the chocolate again and start over again.

-Spoon into individual portion glasses and refrigerate till ready to eat!


  1. Chocolaty yum,love the presentation.

  2. Beautiful clicks and am just drooling here. :(

  3. i totally love the wooden board..n the recipe, well im sure the husband would finish this in a jiffy, which is why i shall restrain :)
    Ps what is guindija?

    1. Nisha, apologize for the typo, it is Gianduia (check it out here: It is this super creamy chocolate liqueur with a hint of hazelnuts. Pavan picked it up from one of the Duty Frees when he was traveling, and i've been looking for it here, but can't find it. i'm using it like it is precious elixir for fear of thinking what i'll do once it finishes! :) It has/gives a different flavor as opposed to Baileys and regular chocolate liqueur. Love it! :D

  4. Looks and sounds super delicious Kajal!! Love it... I like the brown and blue color combo in the pics :)

  5. Gorgeous pictures! And such a lovely blog! Which city are you in?
    Also i have major crush on Heston :P

    1. Thank you Charis! :) We live in Chennai. and yes, Heston is cute! i have a thing for Zumbo though! :D

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